Mobile Agents: Distributed testing across multiple identical devices?

I have a private instance. There are several mobile agents set up - various android devices - one each of Nexus4, Nexus5, Nexus7, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5.

I am planning to use the “bulk testing” feature to schedule a bunch of URLs on all the devices.

If I setup multiple agents with identical devices - say 5 Nexus4 devices - when I bulk schedule say 100 URLs on Nexus4 on the WebUI, will the URLs get distributed over the 5 devices?

So for example, if I have 100 URLs to test on Nexus4, is the system smart enough schedule the first 20 URLs on Device 1, second 20 URLs on Device 2 and so on?

If so, what --location parameter I must use on these additional agents? Any locations.ini configuration settings need to be changed as well?

Figured this one out. WPT is smart!

It is able to distribute the tasks sent to the same location across multiple devices of the same type.

Yes, as you noticed, any number of devices can pull from a single work queue (desktop and mobile). In the case of desktop an individual test can also be sharded across testers to return results faster (assuming you do more than 1 run).

The tests are queued up and the agents poll the server for work so the tests should be done roughly in round-robin across the devices and in the same order they were submitted.