Running WPT in Other Devices

Lately, I become busy and have few hours spending in my computer. I want know if WPT can run in other devices such as tablet and smartphones.

I assume you mean for testing? Yes, there is a mobile agent that works for Android (KitKat+ is best) though it requires a rooted device and a tethered PC to control it. If you go to the “Dulles, VA” location there are a collection of devices (Moto E, Moto G, Nexus 5, Nexys 7) which are physical devices.

What if I run test in London location using smartphone, is it possible?

Not currently. Physical devices have only been deployed in the Dulles, VA location. We’re still improving the robustness of the mobile testing agents before letting partners stand up mobile agents (and then it will depend on if someone in London volunteers one up).