WPT for multiple devices


Before I create a private instance using AWS, can someone please let me know if it is possible to test my site in different devices (mobile, iPad, iPod etc.).
If so, how can I do so? Is there any document explains that?

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If you are using AWS you can only use device emulation in Chrome to test with a simulated iOS device. To test with real devices in a private instance you will need your own physical iOS devices as well as Raspberry pi’s for each one to control them (and you will need to manage the device farm).

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Thank you very much for your reply!

  1. Isn’t AWS is the easiest platform to use WPT for private instance? Is there any other better platform to use it?
  2. regarding other devices - was it (the Raspberry pi’s use for other physical devices) successfully tested? Is it something that you can recommend on?
  3. Do you recommend to use WPT tool if the requirements are refers for testing of different devices and not only browsers?

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1 - As far as what platform is easiest, any of the clouds makes it easier to deploy agents because you don’t have to manage physical machines but the point is moot if you need to test physical devices because there are no (useful) mobile device farms available as a service (the AWS device farm may work but looks like it would be as much work as managing actual devices). The public WebPageTest runs mostly on dedicated hardware and VM’s with just a few agents on EC2.

2 - What do you mean by successfully tested? The mobile devices available on the public WebPageTest (iOS and Android) all run on Raspberry Pi’s and have for several years.

3 - Like with everything, “it depends” on what the specific requirements are for the testing.

It sounds like you need to spend more time using WebPageTest and doing web performance testing in general before you actually go through an evaluation for deploying your own infrastructure.