Device Farms

There are several “device farms” out there that are reasonably priced services including one now offered by AWS. They offer a lot of devices and in multiple locations.

I was wondering before, I explore too deeply at hacking this together, if this is something you’ve already looked at supporting. If so did you reject it as impossible (why?), is it planned or have you not thought of it yet? I don’t want to invest a lot of time duplicating work that has already been done.


It’s not something I’ve looked at. Most of them usually just support running UIAutomation, instruments or other supported testing frameworks but if you can find one that lets you run arbitrary code on the device, has rooted devices and allows you to run arbitrary code on a tethered VM/host then it would be awesome.

I had forgotten that we needed to root our phones first. I’ll need dig into the WPT code that gets installed on the device to see what is gathered. Some of the services I saw did expose an awful lot of low-level details. It might be a good option offering a sub-set of the full metrics offered by a fully rooted machine for devices the private instance owners don’t have particularly newer IOS. I’ll do some digging and see what we can do.