Moto G device not capturing correct screenshot

Hi Pat,

For certain sites, the Moto G device is not able to capture proper screen shot for a website. Whereas the Iphone 8 IOS 12 device is able to capture it correctly. This also affects the mobile based Visual Comparison feature, as it uses the Moto G devices.

Please suggest a solution / fix for the problem. Few examples on Moto G are shared below, where the screenshot is identical.

  1. -
  2. -
  3. -

Same sites on Iphone 8 devices where the screenshots are correct.

  1. -
  2. -
  3. -


That looks like an issue with Chrome itself (possibly running out of memory loading the site). If you look at the screen shot, the browser and device UI is correct but the contents of the renderer window are scrambled. I’ll do a little poking around and try it on a dev device but odds are you’re going to have to file a bug with the Chrome team to have them take a look.

You can manually compare arbitrary configurations (and different devices) if you need Chrome/Android for those specific sites.

Hi Pat,

While I see this issue only on Moto G, I do not see this issue on other devices and also on the real devices. These sites are high trafficked sites. Do you think its a Chrome related issue?

It seems to be really sensitive to the time it takes to load (at least

3G Fails:
Native is fine:

I tried other speeds but it looks like I tripped their rate limiting and can’t test the domain anymore. is working right now on both 3G and Native.


I haven’t been able to reproduce it reliably enough to track down exactly what is going on but it could be that Chrome is racy with the GPU process which is why it is only triggering at the slower speed though that wouldn’t explain why it is limited to a few sites. It could be running out of memory but the page continues to load, run javascript and collect traces so that doesn’t seem like the issue.

Its working fine for me when I tested with these sites. - - -

FYI I am using the same moto G for the analysis.:angel:
This might be an issue with chrome which was there at that time.