Multi page applications issues


I’m running a two page application. The first is a login page that leads to a business page.

The documentation in WPT about scripting is totally unclear about how to test such an application. I must pass through the authentication page in order to get to the business page but this involves putting the right username and password and getting a cookie from the server which should be user for the next page.

So here are my questions:

  1. if I have several “navigate” commands in my WPT script, do cookies from a first page get passed to the next page?
  2. What command in the WPT script should I use to say “click the submit button and go to where ever it takes you”. I did not see such a command. I used click and wait and did not get measurements for the second URL.
  3. I have an old version of WTP (not sure which because it is hard to figure it out from the GUI) which does manage to do the above. The same script in the latest version of WPT however, fails. So it seems that WPT is not backwards compatible. Is this so? If so, what could be causing the incompatibility? the script is reproduced here…

=========== clip clip =================
logData 0
// bring up the login screen from Fiori
setViewportSize 1920 1200
setActivityTimeout 10000
logData 1
// open app
setTimeout 30
setEventName open-application
setValue name=j_username username
setValue name=j_password XXXXXX
clickAndWait id=idOfFormElementInTheHTML
// open edit mode
setTimeout 30
=========== clip clip =================

H. Daniel