Error at navigate command in wptdriver

The “navigate” command in wptdriver doesn’t work corretly anymore. Commands located after the navigate command are executed before the navigate command finished execution.

I tested the following script at the online instance:

Here are the results for the different browsers
IE 8: (right result, presumably URLblast)
Firefox: (wrong result, just has been opened)
Chrome: (wrong result, just has been opened)

At firefox and chrome the wptdriver didn’t wait for the successful execution of the navigate command. Thus, only the second navigate command is executed. I also noticed the same behaviour on a local instance where i measured internet explorer with wptdriver. Seems to be an wptdriver issue.

Inserting “sleep 1” to the script fixes the problem but shouldn’t be necessary after a navigate.

New script:
sleep 1

Argh - I thought I saw something broken when I was looking at that code the other day - will get it fixed today.

Fixed, sorry about that: (though it looks like Miami needs to be rebooted to fix the video capture)

It’s working. Thank you for the quick fix.