Scripting issue in Chrome with Single Page Apps?

I am having issues running scripts in Chrome and it seems to be related to (a) the target being a Single Page App and (b) the navigate command not detecting the end condition. The same script runs fine in Firefox!

Also: I have a private instance of WPT that runs through a batch of URLs/Scripts every 2 hours and I found that tests targeting Single Page Apps started showing this behavior on or around the beginning of March … I proceeded to run one of these scripts on public WPT and got the same issue:

Firefox [color=#32CD32]working[/color]:
Chrome [color=#FF0000]failing[/color]:


[code]logData 0

setValue id=username
setValue id=password
clickAndWait id=submitBtn

logData 1
navigate Sign In

The Chrome screenshots are still showing the page (from the initial [font=Courier]navigate[/font] statement) while the Firefox screenshots are showing the desired target page.

Agents are currently on version 371

If anybody is seeing this behavior or wants to troubleshoot this, hit me up!

I made a quick video showing the agents doing their work - one running Firefox and the other Chrome. You can see Firefox (on the left) going through the entire script and reaching the intended page, both for the First and Repeat View. Chrome (on the right) stops almost immediately after it starts navigating to the intended page (it decides that the page is complete too early) …

link: - YouTube