Script validation

The written script is executed in online but is there any log file that is available so that i can check whether a particular step is executed or failed

Unfortunately there isn’t any logging for scripts right now. The only real way to debug them is to install the IE browser plugin that is part of WebPagetest (stand-alone installer for the plugin is here - Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. ) then if you go to tools->AOL Pagetest a new window will open and you can tell it to run a script.

Hi Pat,

Ive got a similar issue with a script using click action.
Ive tried it with AOL Pagetest Plugin and it worked. (Well, at the end after some seconds Waterfall window is refreshed with a blank screen, but at least click action is executed)

If I try it with I am running into timeouts or my scripted click event is nt executed.

logData 0
logData 1
click title=Newsticker Classic

Any ideas what might be wrong?
Thanks a lot in advance.


Chrome/Firefox or IE? I think IE works for following anchor tags with click events but Chrome/Firefox do not.

Any reason you can’t just use another navigate? Looks like the URL is fixed and doesn’t change.

Hi Pat, sorry for my late response. Ive tried ie, chrome and firefox and it did not work with any of them.

My test case is simplified to focus on my anchor issue. The real use case is to login to a site and afterwards pressing on an anchor link.

Should I try another command than click to achieve my goal, or is nt it possible at all?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Is the anchor link always to a URL that is consistent or does it need to execute javascrpt attached to it? If it is just navigating to a well-defined URL then I’d recommend a navigate command. Otherwise you may have to resort to execAndWait and use javascript to do the navigation.