Multivariate Testing (MVT)

I’m working on a GitHub fork of the webpagetest repository to do multivariate testing. I’ve written up a thorough blog post about my progress so far and a demo of it in action:

The TODOs mentioned in that post are:

  • exposing configuration of basic test parameters like number of runs, first/repeat views, private/public, etc
  • scripting and custom connection speeds
  • a better UI to indicate that browsers are location-dependent
  • integrating entire MVT UI into the home page (possibly replacing multi-location and bulk testing)
  • ability to limit or disable MVT entirely (settings.ini)
  • expansion of templating syntax, with user-defined template variables
    Example script: setDns {dns} with the dns variable defined as a querystring parameter, like dns[]=[]= This would also make {dns} available as a variable in the label template.

Any other feedback/suggestions/ideas?