Multiple test URLs at once

I often find myself using webpagetest because it’s more convenient than running Windows VM in Mac :slight_smile: I often compare stuff - two or more pages. Would be nice to have a textarea to put URLs and start off several tests with the exact same settings.

WPT is already good enough to remember settings from previous test, but doesn’t remember the browser selection.

Thanks Patrick for the excellent tool!

Hmm, I think it used to but I may have broken the browser memory when I added the dynamic bandwidth locations. I’ll take a look and see what I can do.

I started a “comparison” capability but haven’t had a chance to finish it yet. Was going to let you generate bar charts comparing the stats for the different tests and some way to overlay the waterfalls on top of each other. As with just about all of the features - figuring out how to present it in the UI is the hardest part so any suggestions would be welcome.