WebPagetest 1.9 Released (dynamic bandwidth)

It’s about that time again and this one has the newly deployed support for testing arbitraty forms of connectivity from a single test machine.

An updated version of the web portal (and supporting tester code) is now available here: http://www.webpagetest.org/software/WebPagetest_1_9.zip

This brings the distribution up to date with the public version including:

* Dynamic Bandwidth selection
* Support for exporting HAR archives
* A waterfall display below the visual filmstrip view (single test only)

Additionally, it includes updates to pagetest that fix a few bugs (build 222):

* Popups that were sneaking through are now closed
* Tweaked the keep-alive checking to be more accurate
* Added support for ignoring SSL errors
* Added support for specifying custom cookies (in script only)

Installation instructions are in a readme file in the release.