WebPagetest 1.8 Now Available

It’s been quite a while since I took a snapshot and did a release so I figured it was time…

An updated version of the web portal (and supporting tester code) is now available here: http://www.webpagetest.org/software/WebPagetest_1_8_1.zip

Edit: Updated to include the 1.8.1 patch.

This brings the distribution up to date with the public version including:

[] Support for video recording and visual comparisons
] A page that lets you view all of the images that were loaded (link below the waterfall)
[] Ability to customize the waterfall (also a link below the waterfall)
] You can now export the filmstrip as an image (link right below the filmstrip)

Additionally, it includes updates to pagetest that fix a few bugs (build 220):

[] Flash cookies are now cleared
] Early flushing on IE7 is now recorded correctly
[*] MaxCDN and SimpleCDN were added to the known list of CDN’s

Installation instructions are in a readme file in the release.




I have installed this latest version and tried to get it running. I get a full screen IE8 window, it does not resize down, and it just sits there blank. The only strange thing I can find are in the urlblast debug logs around the user it is running as. I have them installed in parallel, if I swap the dirs back 219 runs fine.

219 is working. 220 is not working

Any ideas where to look?

2010/03/11 16:49:49 -1 0 1 9 5 OS Version Windows XP Service Pack 3 (5.1.2600 SP 3.0 Suite 0x00000100 Product 1)
2010/03/11 16:49:49 -1 0 1 10 0 Computer Name PAGETEST
2010/03/11 16:49:49 -1 0 1 11 8 IE Version 8.0.6001.18702
2010/03/11 16:49:49 -1 0 1 12 220 URLBlast Version
2010/03/11 16:49:49 -1 0 1 20 0 Debug Logging on user:user1, password:2dialit

2010/03/11 16:49:49 -1 0 1 20 0 Debug Logon ok, loading user profile

2010/03/11 16:49:49 -1 0 1 20 0 Debug Profile loaded, locating profile directory

2010/03/11 16:49:49 -1 0 1 20 0 Debug DoUserLogon successful for user1

2010/03/11 16:49:49 -1 0 1 20 0 Debug Waiting for startup synchronization
2010/03/11 16:49:49 -1 0 1 20 0 Debug Running…

Is there something particular about the user that is strange? user1 is the default account it uses (and creates) to run IE under if you haven’t overridden it in urlblast.ini.

Are you using pagetest.exe as the browser (in urlblast.ini) or straight-up IE8? Is this running on a physical machine or on a VM? Is that the full debug log or were there more entries that included information about launching the url?

I’ll go back and check but there shouldn’t be any code differences between 219 and 220 that would cause it but it’s possible that some of the code I’m experimenting with for traffic shaping made it into the build and hasn’t been very heavily tested (doesn’t actually traffic shape but the code that connects to my driver may be in place).

I’ll do some more testing on my side as well and see if I can find anything.