Need 63 urls to be tested from 7 locations, 5 times in a row, daily.


I’ve been using WPT for a while, and again, thank you Patrick for such an amazing tool, and for the time you put in this.

The thing is I have bigger needs now.

As the title says, I need to test 63 urls from 7 locations, 5 times a day. More urls to come. I also need to be able to analyse the results hassle-free. If it’s possible, result extraction via csv files would be cool.

I obviously don’t want to run the tests manually. I’ve read about scripting possibilities, but this is way out of my skills scope.

So I need help to set up this. If you can do this, please send me a PM (private message, not Patrick Meenan, though that would be cool) with your offer and its details.

Thanks !