My Jpegs are progressive but I'm getting an 'F'


As in the title - i’ve saved my Jpegs as Progressive in Photoshop but I’m getting an ‘F’. I’ve renamed and uploaded different versions to avoid caching issues but still the same. I know I’m doing something stupid but would be great if anyone has any ideas.

Many thanks.

Do you have a link to your test results?

Hi - thanks for reply. I think it’s maybe the thumbnails in the Wix gallery that aren’t progressive… while the file size files are. That’s what WebPageTest is pulling out as non-progressive…

The only thing that makes sense to me…

It’s hard to tell for me without your WPT test results :slight_smile:

But if those thumbnails are generated by Wix (i.e. outside of your control), then that could be it.