My Website took to much time on First Byte

Hi there,

I have hosted my magento site on a shared hosting server,I think the theme I’m using took much time on processing the first byte…
Here’s the result of my webpage…
Take a look here

I have tried many of the methods like:

  1. Enable cache in back end

  2. Enable compiler

  3. Merging Css/Js

  4. Leverage browser cache

  5. Image optimization etc…

Is there any way to minimize the first byte load without changing the theme…

Thanks in Advance!!!

A 15 second time to first byte is high. Several of the things that you mention get loaded after the initial page request, so they aren’t going to impact the TTFB.

Two big things to look at are system and network capacity. If either of those are maxed out then your TTFB is going to suffer.

So what is the way to reduces the TTFB of my site…
Please,explain me step-by-step…

The closest thing to a step by step process is: make sure your system and network have enough capacity to meet your performance goals. You’ll need to work closely with your hosting provider and system administrator to make sure that is the case.

It is about finding the current bottleneck, fixing it, then finding the next one. For instance you might find that your server(s) are using swap, which can significantly reduce performance. Address that, then look for the next issue. Repeat until enough of the bottlenecks are resolved that you are seeing the numbers you want.

  1. enable Magento Profiler.
  2. analyze calls that takes more than 0.1s to execute. Scan homepage, catalog page, product page, cms page, cart page.
  3. enable slow magento query log and see if you have slow queries. fix them. make sure you have mysql server query cache enabled. it is now disabled by default but magento can’t leave without it. (prove me wrong)
  4. to have 0.3s TTFB use Varnish or some other full page cache solution.
  5. get magento optimized hosting. Nexcess is well known choice.

see detailed explanation of how to reduce magento TTFB

Magento tends to be very slow out of the box + even slower when changes are made to the code base without considering speed effects.

That said, TTFB for asset #1 (HTML Component) is determined by your how well your LAMP Stack is tuned.

Many times the only way to fix a Magento system is to run a pure memory resident database. item #6 gives the broad strokes of how to do this.

And the entire thread gives some tips on general optimization, like running /tmp in tmpfs.

Your database config + traffic pattern can also have a large effect on your site’s throughput.