new amazon design crashes IE10 measurements


amazon launched a new design for their homepage. That homepage can’t get measured with internet explorer version 10. All tests run into a timeout:
Wit IE11 it still works:

My assumption was the new teaser with its switching images or some other after-onload activity inhibiting end of measurement / fully loaded time. But I couldn’t get it to work with different setActivityTimeout settings in scripted tests. Even I didn’t see activities in local browser devtools more frequently than my setActivityTimeout time.

I know IE10 is losing priority because version 11 is widespread, but it would be nice to get it to work nevertheless.

Regards, Nils

In the example you showed, the onload event never fired and that is a hard requirement for WPT to consider a test finished. Another clue that it really never fired is that the favicon.ico is never requested (you can see it requested right after onload in the IE 11 test).