New create-update.ps1 not checked in?

I was wondering if anyone else uses this script to create the file for updating agents.

When I run it, it doesn’t seem to pull in all the files that are in the public update file:

I suppose I can put in my own files and regenerate the hashes for them, but it would be great to get the updated script if there are any other changes in it.

Well, I just added some lines to it to copy files to the right directory, and hoping that was all the changes to the script.

Copyright (c) AppDynamics, Inc., and its affiliates 2015
All rights reserved

Build script for wpt-driver. Usage:

create-update.ps1 Release # Build in Release mode
create-update.ps1 Debug   # Build in Debug mode

- msbuild.exe and python.exe (required by the Chrome compile.cmd) should be in
  the path
- powershell v.4 or more recent, with Get-FileHash cmdlet

This script has been tested in GitHub's Git Shell.
Executing it in a regular PowerShell may also work, but you will have to
setup the path for each dependencies.

    [string]$configuration = "Release"

if ((Get-Command "python.exe" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -eq $null) {
    "Error: python.exe is not installed or not in PATH, exiting"
    Exit 1;
if ((Get-Command "msbuild.exe" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -eq $null) {
    "Error: MSBuild.exe is not installed or not in PATH, exiting"
    Exit 1;
if ((Get-Command "Get-FileHash" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -eq $null) {
    "Error: Get-FileHash cmdlet not available, exiting"
    "You probably need to run this script with a more recent version of Powershell"
    Exit 1;

$wptroot = $PSScriptRoot + "\.."

"*** Building wpt-driver with $configuration configuration"

# ZipFiles implementation from:
function ZipFiles( $zipFilename, $sourceDir)
   Add-Type -Assembly System.IO.Compression.FileSystem
   $compressionLevel = [System.IO.Compression.CompressionLevel]::Optimal
        $zipfilename, $compressionLevel, $false)

$releasedir_path = $wptroot + "\" + $configuration
if (!(test-path $releasedir_path)) {
    New-Item -ItemType directory -Path $releasedir_path | Out-Null
$releasedir = Get-ChildItem $wptroot $configuration
$outdir = ($releasedir.fullname + "\dist")

# Create output directories
if (test-path $outdir) { Remove-Item -recurse $outdir }
mkdir $outdir | Out-Null
mkdir ($outdir + "\extension") | Out-Null
mkdir ($outdir + "\extension\support") | Out-Null
mkdir ($outdir + "\extension\safari") | Out-Null

"-> Building the Visual Studio Solution in $configuration configuration"
"(log file is $wptroot\$configuration\msbuild.log)"
msbuild.exe webpagetest.sln /P:Configuration=$configuration | Out-File ($releasedir.fullname + "\msbuild.log")

# Copying compiled stuff into the output directory
$binaries = "wptbho.dll", "wptdriver.exe", "wpthook.dll", "wpthook64.dll", "wptload.dll", "wptupdate.exe", "wptwatchdog.exe", "wptrecord.exe", "wptldr64.dll"
foreach ($bin in $binaries) {
	Get-ChildItem -Path $wptroot\$configuration $bin | Copy-Item -Destination $outdir

"-> Building and copying Chrome extension"
"(log file is $wptroot\$configuration\chromebuild.log)"
& $wptroot\agent\browser\chrome\compile.cmd 2>&1 | Out-File ($releasedir.fullname + "\chromebuild.log")
Copy-Item -recurse $wptroot\agent\browser\chrome\extension\release\ $wptroot\$configuration\dist\extension\extension

"-> Copying Firefox extension"
Copy-Item -recurse $releasedir\templates $wptroot\$configuration\dist\extension\

"-> Copying Safari extension"
Copy-Item -recurse $wptroot\agent\browser\safari\wpt.safariextz $wptroot\$configuration\dist\extension\safari\

"-> Copying js support scripts"
Copy-Item -recurse $wptroot\agent\js\lib\pcap\* $wptroot\$configuration\dist\extension\support\
Copy-Item -recurse $wptroot\agent\js\lib\trace\* $wptroot\$configuration\dist\extension\support\

"-> Copying winshaper"
Copy-Item -recurse $wptroot\agent\shaper $wptroot\$configuration\dist\extension\shaper

"-> Copying webdriver"
Copy-Item -recurse $wptroot\agent\webdriver $wptroot\$configuration\dist\extension\webdriver

"-> Zipping extension directory"
$extdir=Get-ChildItem $wptroot\$configuration\dist extension
Add-Type -Assembly System.IO.Compression.FileSystem
	($outdir + "\"))

Remove-Item -recurse ($outdir + "\extension")

"-> Writing wptupdate.ini with MD5 hashes"
$tohash= $binaries + ""

$wptexec = ($releasedir.fullname + "\wptdriver.exe")
$ver = [System.Diagnostics.FileVersionInfo]::GetVersionInfo($wptexec).FileVersion.split(".")[3]



$wptupdate = ($outdir + "\wptupdate.ini")
$ini | Out-File $wptupdate -Encoding "ASCII" -Append
foreach ($filename in $tohash) {
	$md5 = Get-FileHash ($outdir + "\" + $filename) -Algorithm MD5
	($filename + "=" + $md5.hash) | Out-File $wptupdate -Encoding "ASCII" -Append

$updatezip = ($releasedir.fullname + "\")
"-> Creating " + $updatezip
if (test-path $updatezip) { remove-item $updatezip }
[System.IO.Compression.ZipFile]::CreateFromDirectory($outdir, $updatezip)

"-> $updatezip created"