wptupdate.ini and .zip

I recently attempted to create my own version of wptupdate.ini and .zip and as a result when using them the driver continually starts, checks for works, restarts and repeats forever. I have checked and the md5’s match the files within the zip but it keeps doing this. Do you have a recommendation for how to fix this?

Also how do I determine what version number I should use?

I have attached the update files, with a .txt extension appended onto the .ini since the forums will not allow me to attach a .ini file.


The version in the ini needs to match the last part of the version string for the wptdriver.exe binary. That’s how it checks to see if the server has a different version of the agent.

Thanks for pointing out the issue with version numbers, I have updated my build to have a higher build number and rebuilt the wptupdate.zip but now it is not updating. I used the wptupdate you created to get the machines to the setup right now, and I am trying to get it to auto-update to this build that I have attached here. But the driver just sits at waiting for work…

can you check your access log for calls to work/getwork.php? If the server is constantly sending down the update you should see it in the response size.

I assume that the agent version of the running instance didn’t change?

The server does appear to be constantly sending down the update and ignoring all other jobs.

It seems like the drivers are just ignoring it once the update zip is sent over.

Does this mean it’s impossible to update extension.zip without updating wptdriver.exe? We have a case right now where we want to do that to work around http://www.webpagetest.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=13762 .