New member Presentation :)

Hello dear friends everything fine? right now this is my 1rst topic on the forum, amazing board that you guys have here.
Lets head to my presentation, I´m Daniel, I was born on Madrid, now I´m studying on another country at the time on Anthropology so that I can get my PHD.
I am very found of swimming as well as sports in general, and I also play a lot Muse, my greatest hobbie now is playing poker, like many of you…I imagine…and also board games.
The reason I signed up here to find ideas to my own board at No Deposit Poker Bonus …You can not blame me cause you guys do have many interesting topics here, but off course I will participate seriously in all of the threads in the forum!!!
I will also apoligize by my english it was the only way I get to talk with you…
And for today is all I have share, cause I have a job of shifts so I will spleep a few hours…Just hope you read my first topic.
Untill tomorrow to you all, Bye bye