Thrilled by being here :)

Hi Fellowships everything fine? right now I´m making my first writing on this place, interesting web let me tell you.
Lets start my presentation, I´m Sam, I´m from London, for a living doing erasmus on other country now on Arts to reach my diplome.
I adore swimming as well as movies, and I also listen a lot Him, my greatest hobbie at the time is online poker, like most of you…I think…and also magic the gathering.
The main reason I came here here to search for ideas to my websites at Poker StartKapital …You can not blame me cause you guys do have many interesting threads here, but off course I will participate activatly in all of the threads in the forum!!!
I will also apoligize by my english it is the only way I found to communicate with you guys…
And for today it is all I have to post, cause I work by shifts and now I will rest a few hours…Just hope you apreciated my new topic.
Untill tomorrwo to all of you, See you guys tomorrow