Nexus 5 tester with stale DNS override

The tester Nexus5_3- seems to have a stale DNS override from a previous test. See

Do you just mean that the DNS time was zero or is there something that makes you think a previous override carried forward?

The problem of it recording zero could be that either the android DNS cache isn’t getting flushed well or that Chrome didn’t record the DNS time in the netlog for some reason.

No, a previous override carried forward. Compare runs #1 and #2: The .173 tester has a stale DNS override to Yotta’s reverse proxy.

Thanks. It was a bug in the new agents launched Friday where any command-line or host rules changes would accumulate for the time the agent was running (they run for an hour before exiting and checking for updates).

Code is fixed now and the agents will pick it up over the next hour. All of the Nexus 5’s have been updated.

Here’s the fix: