DNS Times Showing up despite using setDNS

I have the following script for example to measure the PLT:

setDns www.wixperu.com
navigate http://www.wixperu.com

Since I force the DNS for the www domain, am I right in expecting that the DNS time for this should be 0

I did a test at http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140414_DJ_cc78ed18a68762a33a6fc1e4ffe9b314/1/details/ and it tells me 241 ms were spent in DNS resolution with this script in place

Assuming it was a chrome issue I tested in FF and still has it per this :http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140414_YD_W4T/1/details/

@pmeenan: This is happening all the time and how do I make sure the DNS time is zero?

You can’t unless you navigate to the IP directly and use the overrideHost or setHeader commands to specify the host (or in a private instance you could write it to the hosts file).

The setDNS and setDNSName commands still do the DNS lookup of the original domain so that the timings will be accurate and representative - this is actually done on purpose.