Ability to specify a DNS Resolver

It would be real helpful to have a setDnsResolver as a verb in the scripting to use a google or custom dns resolver to measure the impact of dns on webperf apart from doing some a/b testing

The IE agent supports it but it isn’t something I have implemented for the Chrome/Firefox testing. It’s not documented because I didn’t plan on supporting it long-term but you can do:


Thats nice! Thank you

wondering if there is any update on this - and if there is plan on supporting DNS resolver for chrome,firefox…

i tried to use setDNSServers on chrome and IE on latest WPT- but did not seem like it worked.

I don’t see getting time to implement for at least the next 3 months. I’ll happily accept a pull request if someone wants to port the code from urlblaster to wptdriver but otherwise it’s probably not worth counting on (higher priority stuff always comes up).