No Agents Connected - Setting up Private Instance using Community AMI's

Hello All,

Due to increasing usage of WPT, we decided to do a POC by setting up WPT Private instance on AWS using community AMI’s. Once complete we can invest on scaling up setup.

For POC we choose non auto-scaling EC2 WPT Agent. Based on all given documentation and understanding I have setup 2 instances (sever and agent). Must be doing something wrong due to which when agent is not getting populated on server.

Following are the steps and configurations:

  1. Setup server using “ami-fcfd6194” and user data as “api_key= headless=0 iq=80 pngss=1”
  2. assigned an elastic IP
  3. Tested UI and it is coming up good.
  4. Setup Agent using AMI “ami-4bd6dc2f” and user data “wpt_server=<elastic IP of server” wpt_location=TG_London_WPT wpt_key="
  5. RDP to agent is coming good.
  6. Edited settings.ini on server, commented ec2_locations and ec2 both to 0
  7. Edited locations.ini on server as


label=“WPT Agent”

browser=IE 11
label=“IE 11 Agent”
8. Restarted NGINX
9. /install
Test Locations

EC2 : My awesome tester agent
TG_London_WPT_wptdriver : My awesome tester agent with wptdriver - No Agents Connected
TG_London_WPT_IE11 : My awesome tester agent - No Agents Connected

Please do let me know if need any further information.

Adding to post - On further debugging following are new observation.
Please see if this helps in suggesting resolution path.

  1. Access log on server are getting updated for getWork.php. But sure if this entries are complete, as I don’t see any query aguments.

Attachment - access_log.png

  1. On hitting URL - http:///?hidden=1, getting location list populated however this is not the one I have configure in locations.ini

Attachment - private.png

Same issue here would be nice to have a complete documentation about a master-slave setup in aws