No Test history is showing up

Hi , it seems there is no Test history showing up on Test history page , despite having ran multiple tests the last week / and day

I’ve also noticed the following issue appearing in the console:

Could you kindly urgently assist please


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I have the same problem!

Hey gang!

Unfortunately a configuration issue caused the test history to fail to populate over the weekend. Any tests you run as of this morning should be showing up fine.

All the tests ran fine, and we have the data. We’re working on backfilling the database so your tests will show up in the history. I’ll update here when we’re all set!


Hi @tkadlec

Thanks for the feedback ,
Had a look now , and its pulling through again! . :+1: :grinning:

Will keep a look out for your update ,
Much Appreciated

H @tkadlec,
Any updates on getting the test history to show again? My test history only shows a couple tests. One from September and one from July but no other tests.

Hi guys! I read the message about the configuration issue posted above. Today have I ran 35+ tests. They were added to the queue and displayed in Test history. But now the history is empty again (((
Could you please assist with this issue?

This issue still seems to exist for me, I can’t see any test history at all (even for tests ran in the past hour).

Is there still work ongoing with this?

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Alright gang! Any tests you’re running now should be showing up in your test history, and you should be starting to see the tests you ran during the past few days trickling in as well.

Please do let me know if you are seeing them or not (hopefully you are now!!).


Still not showing for me from tests I ran today, I am still seeing the same errors in the console as I was previously as well.


I’ve just ran a new test after taking the above screenshot and this is currently showing in my test history so it may be that the ones from earlier today will trickle in later. I’ll keep an eye on this and update if I see any changes.

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Hi again! Now I can see only 2 (!) tests in my Test history (from 25/10). All today 35+ tests are missed ((

Hmm…ok, I’m going to PM you to discuss a bit more.

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I’m now seeing tests that ran since 10/23 including today and the two I mentioned earlier.



Now I see 3 tests in Test history - 2 from 25/10 and 1 from yesterday (when you ask me to run a new test)

still missing all tests older than 25th Oct.
Also if I try to search I don’t get any tests older than 25th Oct.

Thank you!

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I have history missing between April 2, 2021 and this past week. My most recent tests show up, and so do the ones I am just running now. But about 5-6 months of history are missing.

Same here! No test history showing up :frowning:

The test history is still empty also for me.

Thank you for your help!

Just noting that I (or someone else) will follow up with you all individually if you’re still reporting issues to avoid adding too much noise and chaos to the thread. :slight_smile:

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I’m also having the same issue, I’ve been monitoring our website’s performance since April this year, but now the test history is empty.

I’m also no longer seeing tests from runs in mid-October in history.