Not navigating to next page after login

We are using below webpagetest script to cover our checkout scenario.
Script is working till AddToCart–>GotoCart–>ProceedTocheckout–>GuestLogin
In Guest Login, we can see the guest email id entered, in filmstrip of the test.
But it is not navigating to next page after clicking on “Continue”. we tried few functions like exec, execAndWait and exec document.getElementById(“guestCheckoutForm”).click(), but did not work for us.
We are not able to get proper video of the test also. Please suggest.

logData 1
setEventName Productpage
logData 1
setEventName Addtocart
clickAndWait data-id=addToCart
logData 1
setEventName GoToCart
clickAndWait class=go-to-cart main-buttons shc-btn shc-btn-cta
logData 1
setEventName ProceedToCheckout
clickAndWait class=shc-btn shc-btn-cta ng-scope
logData 1
setEventName LoginGuest
click id=pass_no
setValue id=guestEmail XXXX
clickAndWait class=shcBtnCTA shcBtn shcBtnLarge