Test subsequent pages after login page

Can someone tell me if I’m doing something wrong?

What I want is

  1. Login from the login page
  2. go to a page and start testing

logData 0
navigate http://fake.com/login

setValue name=username fake
setValue name=password fake
submitForm id=login

logData 1
navigate http://fake.com/profile

A navigate command has an implicit wait - you shouldn’t be using the waitForComplete code at all.

You can try getting rid of the logdata 0/1 commands and starting with a combinesteps command and enable video recording if you want to see what the script is doing for the “hidden” part before re-enabling the logging toggle.

Thanks Patrick,

I tried to use the combinesteps, looks like it is combining everything into one view. What should I do if I do not want to include the login page, but the page I ‘navigate’ afterwards?

Yes, sorry - combinesteps was just so you could see everything that was going on. Once you get it working the way you want, remove the combinesteps command and put the logdata 0/1 block back in.

There was a problem with the navigate command on the production system that I just fixed which may have been causing the script issues you were seeing.