logData 0 in script doesn't seem to work

I have a script that I’m running on a private instance:

logData	0

navigate	loginpage.com

sleep	3

setValue	name=username	email@email.com

setValue	name=password	*******

submitForm	id=hs-login

logData	1

navigate	loggedinurl.com

The test succeeds, but when I look at the results, I always see the login page in my waterfall and filmstrip view despite having the logData 0. This is running on IE9. Any thoughts?

What’s the purpose of the second navigate - I’d normally put the logData 1 before the submit?

So you mean:

logData    0

navigate    loggedinurl.com

sleep    3

setValue    name=username    email@email.com

setValue    name=password    *******

logData    1

submitForm    id=hs-login

There was no good reason, I just wanted to separate login from the actual page I wanted to end up at.

Edit: This seems to have worked, with the caveat though that I’m now also measuring the delay in time when I click submit until the page returns. I’d prefer to start measuring right from the point I ‘enter’ the URL into my URL bar, which I know recall the previous script was trying to replicate.

urlblast or wptdriver? The only thing that comes to mind as a possibility is that it isn’t waiting for the login page to fully load before moving on. Seeing a waterfall or filmstrip would really help, even if it’s just a screen shot. The agent code shouldn’t be recording any results while in a logdata 0 state so something has to be pulling it out of that state too early somehow.

I’m pretty sure the submitForm command has an implicit “andWait”, that’s the only thing that came to mind.

wptdriver. I’ve changed my script since, but let me change it back and replicate it and send you a sample result.