[split] How to test with a script?


By using combineSteps, script gives the result of multiple steps. If I want to capture data only after a button click then neither logdata nor combineSteps is helping.

For example my requirement is

  1. Navigate to login page and login with valid credentials.
  2. Click on a tab/menu item on page. This will open a new page or load a new iFrame.
  3. Fill up from data in this page/iFrame and submit.

I want to capture data after Step 3.

I tried putting logdata 1 before I click submit button but I could not get any result in the wpt result.

I tried using combineSteps but it only worked for multiple steps. No data is captured for single step.


logData will do exactly what you are looking for.

logData 0
setValue …
logData 1
submitForm name=

(or something that looks generally like that - hard to say without specifics about the site).