When navigated to multiple pages through WPT script, what would be the final result

hi ,

Can any one help me to understand the final result for WPT script ?

I have scripted to navigate to 3 or 4 pages , what would be final result ?
will it calculate from page1 load time to last page load time or only final page time will display ?


It depends on how you write the script.

If you use the “combinesteps” command at the beginning then it will merge all of the pages into a single sequence and the result will be the time for the whole flow.

If you use “logdata 0” and “logdata 1” then you control the step that is being measured (usually the last one with the earlier steps being used to set up cache and state).

I got another question about your answer below. Could you help to answer?
If i don’t use “logdata”, which page’s result will the final result capture for?


If you don’t use logdata then your results are going to be non-deterministic. The high-level stats will probably be from the last page navigated but the actual requests and request counts are probably going to be for all of the pages combined.

@Patrick Meenan,
Got it.Thanks very much.

Another question based on this thread-
What is someone wants to collect individual waterfall charts for all the 4 pages ? Would they have to write 4 separate scripts and run them individually ?


Hi, I am new in performance Testing. Could you please help me and suggest how can I perform testing of multiple pages where login is also required. Please share me detail steps.