Writing advanced scripts

Hi All,

I’m still new to WebPageTest so pardon is something I’m gonna say already exist.

Actually, I was looking to write advanced/complicated scripts. For eg:

  1. logData 0
  2. Navigate to Gmail
  3. Enter Username
  4. Enter Password
  5. logData 1
  6. click on SubmitForm
  7. logData 0
  8. Click on Compose
  9. Enter email
  10. Enter Subject
  11. Enter Body
  12. logData 1
  13. click on SubmitForm

I want to collect steps 1-6 as one results page or waterfall chart and steps 7-13 as second results page or waterfall chart.

Basically, I wanted to collect results as individual operations/steps done by a User so comparison becomes easy.

Can someone please suggest me how can I go about doing this ? or is this not possible ? or if there’s some other way you can suggest I could achieve this ?


Split it into two seperate tests -

Do 1-6 as one test, and then 1-13 as another but remove steps 5 & 7

Thanks @andydavies for your reply.

Yea, I was considering that as an option. But do you think this should be added as a feature as well to the core framework for everyone to use ? For now, I’m planning to write a parser to automatically do this for every multiple-step script I’ll write. Do you have any experience/ideas around this ?

There are some patches (Intratech have a PR open for this, and we did it ourselves for the agent) around to split multiple page scripts imto separate waterfalls but…

The challenge is the change touches lots of places in WPT so integrating them isn’t easy

I’d like to find some time to help Pat test the patches but I’m a bit short on time ATM