Not working for internal site


I have set up the private instance with server and agent on the same machine. It work fine with public websites. But when I tried to send request for internal website, it is giving “Please enter a Valid URL. mysite is not a valid Internet host name”.

As mentioned in this thread ( I have set allowPrivate=1 in settings.ini file. But still it is giving this error message.
I have tried rebooting the machine several time but it didn’t help. Can you please let me know what could be the issue?

Thanks in advance,

Sorry, right now it looks for a . in the host name. Do you have a fqdn (internal) for the page you are trying to test - like You might have to hack up runtest.php (ValidateURL in particular) to not do the URL check.

Thanks Patrick. The internal site URL is in the format http://mysite/ and does not have .
I modified the runtest.php and it is working fine now. I really appreciate your help.