About Host location

Hi, I just know webpage test,and try to use it.I can do it on local host.
But now I wanna use another host,not local host to test my url . I’ve no idea about how to do.I tried to change urlblast.ini on the other host which I wanna use. I could see there is a port 1116 to the server port 80.Please help me ,what should I do ? Thank you very much!

In urlblast.ini just modify the “url files url” entry to point to the web server (replace with the server IP or name). Right now there is a bug that it can only work with servers running on port 80 though so don’t try to run the server on a different port.

I have a question ,I copy all files to the other host.And I modify the “url files url=” http://myIP/work which is http://127.0.01/work by default.Is that right? And I tried other text,like “http://myIP/”.But it didn’t work. Is there something other should I do ? BTW,I’ve tried to restart WAMP.
Is there anything I should do such as modify “location.ini” and how .
Can u help me to make it out, and thanks a lot.

And by “myIP” are you using an IP address, fqdn or short name? That should be all you need to do to get it to pull work from a separate server. Try manually loading http://myIP/work/getwork.php from the test machine (you’ll probably get a blank page). My guess is that there are firewall problems blocking the requests on the server. You shouldn’t need to modify anything else.

You can also look at the access logs on the server aand see if the requests are showing up. Worst case you may have to crack open a sniffer (wireshark) and watch the network traffic from the test machine to see what is going on.

Hi, I did blog about webpagetest and how to configure for multiple testers. Perhaps this will help with learywolf’s questions?

Note, this blog was done for version 1.7. I haven’t tried 1.8 yet so not sure if the config has changed.

Thanks. 1.8 is largely the same as 1.7 (just an additional software install on the test machine to enable video rendering). Appreciate the write-up.