Noticing incorrect repeat-view times on public webpagetest

Here is one of several reports where I have noticed this behavior (seems to be a recent occurrence):

Line 7 of the FIRST VIEW report is

Line 6 of the REPEAT VIEW report is


The urls are identical. The cache headers show that they have a far future expiration and long ttl. Yet this request shows up in the repeat view chart (many other static asset urls on this chart have similar headers but show up in the repeat view).

Was there a recent update to the code, and could this be a bug?

I don’t think it’s a bug in the testing - caching appears to work fine in general:

The thing we have to figure out is why those specific resources are not successfully cached in those tests or what is causing IE to re-request them.

Strange thing is that I don’t see anything that should do it. The code is loaded through a straight tag and the headers look fine.

Does it happen all the time for this page or is it intermittent?

Sorry for my delay in response. This did not seem to happen before a certain point, and from what I can tell right about the end of January was when I began to notice this. Since then, some reports seem to work as expected while others did not. My best guess at this point is that it does appear intermittent. reports where it did not seem to happen:

Jan 15:
Jan 22:
Feb 15:
Feb 18: reports where it did happen:

Jan 30:
Feb 12:

This also is not the only url where this behavior was noticed. Here are some other ones:

Cache issue,
Feb 12:

No cache issue,
Feb 13:
Feb 14:
Feb 16:
Feb 18:

I’ve tried this with IE9 on 2.9 and 2.7(?) private instances and I see the repeat view as uncached on 2.9 but as expected on 2.7.

That said this is the appears to be the only site I see it happening on, every other site in IE9 appears to behave as expected.

A bump on this thread…

Today’s report, from the Miami location, also encountered the same uncached behaviors mentioned above. The report url is and the page in question is

If you ignore some of the request lines with the jsessionid params, many of the other static assets do show far future expires yet does not seem to be cached in the repeat views (u can see that the repeat view times nearly match the first view times).

Anyone have any further insight?