Ongoing Live Page Load Test Logging Tool


I am in need of a program or service that will capture the pageload time of every page as I go through it. The site I am needing to record this time for is my clients website and they do not give me access to any part of it other the as an external user.

My contract with them is tied to daily volume deliverables and I need a way to show them how their site performs as I interact with it to get the tasks done required for each deliverable.

Does such a thing exist and if not is there any person or service that can help me put this functionality in place?

Thanks in advance.

Richard Stovall

You can use Firefox inspect element > Performance > Record for this.

Or you can use or (command line YSlow), if you require iterative + continuous + automated testing.

Both these tools can be run in CRON jobs to produce various reports + trigger alarms if something goes sideways + people require notification.