Pagespeed 74 or 18 ??

Pagespeed 74 here

Pagespeed 18 there


The Page Speed score depends on the version of the Page Speed library being used and is just an average of the scores for individual categories (so it changes as the rules get changed across versions or even for the subset of rules run).

WebPagetest is still on version 1.9 of the Page Speed library (working with the team to get it updated). The online tool is using 1.11.

Well i know you do the best.

Another example:

has with pagespeed 1.11 0 in words NULL .

What do you mean by “has with pagespeed 1.11 0 in words NULL”?

Pardon - NULL means Zero → 0.

Results with Pagespeed Plugin 1.11 and chrome 14 and FF 5 both under windows 7 and both 0.

Chrome and FF with Linux and Pagespeed 1.11 the same page 40, google labs 47, here with 1.9 74.

but what the right ?

Hmm, sounds like the Windows 7 results you are getting are certainly broken. All of the others are “right” unfortunately. 1.11 added more checks so the scores tend to be lower but odds are that a lot of the optimizations will have minimal impact on the actual performance of your page.

The ultimate truth is your end-user performance. Everything else should be looked at as a tool to help you understand that performance and potential opportunities for optimization. Shooting for a score of 100 will not necessarily mean that your page will be any faster - and that’s what you should be optimizing for.