"Performance review" and "Processing breakdown" missing

I’ve set up a private instance using WebPageTest-3.0 and wptagent, both running on Ubuntu Linux 16.04.

It works fine, however, in test results, “Performance review” and “Processing breakdown” are missing.

http://localhost/install/ shows everything is installed except APC (since it’s using PHP 7, there is no APC) and Python SSIM - but I guess they shouldn’t matter for “Performance review” and “Processing breakdown”.

Did I miss anything during the installation? Or perhaps wptagent does not support these yet?

The agents support everything the Windows agents do (minus a few script commands).

For processing breakdown, it’s just that you need to enable timeline capture (chrome tab of advanced settings).

For Performance review (and to get HTTP/2 request details) you need to pull the latest server code from github. There were some server changes post-3.0 to handle some additional artifacts from the agents to be able to report those.

As far as apc goes, you can still configure apcu which will help for high-volume installs (some things get memory cached) but otherwise doesn’t matter much.

Thanks, it works!

“Capture Dev Tools Timeline” - is there a setting to make it selected by default?

Not currently. Newer releases should (hopefully) remember the setting on a per-user basis and it may be enabled by default on the latest code (can’t remember off the top of my head).