Private Instance doesn't show grades

I’ve just set up a private instance of WebPageTest so that we can performance test our pre-production website. First of all I need to say thank you for this tool! It is helping us find a lot of performance problems.

I’ve noticed that there are a couple of features missing from the private instance when compared to Could someone help me determine if I have a setup issue or if these features are not included in the 2.2 release of the private instance described here:

[]The top Nav bar is missing (the one with Home, Test Results…)
]Grade Boxes are not displaying

Thanks in advance!

Ahh, I should be more careful with the CSS override sample :slight_smile: Go into your settings folder and rename custom.css back to custom.css.sample. I’ll make the sample more innoculous for the next release (it is there so you can override the default UI without having to change the actual code and my default hides a bunch of stuff - doh)

Ahh, that is classic. I probably should have looked at the config files a little closer.

Thanks for the quick response. Everything is up and running now!


In WPT v2.19 this seems to have disappeared: the file “custom.css.sample” is too small to have any impact on the grades.
Only stuff grades-related in the HTML seems so be “

How to turn this option on, almost 5 years later? :slight_smile:

When I alter “$pageData[‘optimization_checked’] = 1;” from 0 to 1 in file “” I get a very basic view of the grades. See attachment.
What else needs to be altered in WPT to see these grades?

What test agents are you using to run the tests? Only the desktop Windows agents run the optimization checks.

Thank you for the answer, Patrick!
That explains it. I use “From: Chrome Local - Xvfb - Chrome” ← headless Chrome in virtual frame buffer.

Consider this part solved.