private instance customization

Hi, we are considering private instance hosting and I had a few questions, perhaps someone here would be able to help.

  1. Result presentation - how much of the scheduling and result presentation UI on is built into the standard webpagetest instance and how much of it is custom? In other words, if I install private instance will I get the same scheduling and result presentation UI as currently has? How easy would it be to change it?

  2. Result aggregation by 75th percentile. With the existing design, how easy it would be to change result aggregation so it displays 75th percentile as the result for the whole test and then picks the representative test result that most closely matches 75th percentile (instead of median). Would it be relatively easy to do this change?

1 - and the private instance code are identical. The only differences are that ads and partners are displayed and the forums link is present for I’m not sure what you mean by “scheduling” because WPT doesn’t have built-in scheduling but you will get everything else. You can re-skin anything you want (there is a css override script) but customizing more than that will pretty much be hacking on the code.

2 - Shouldn’t be too bad - there is a single function in - GetMedianRun() that you could change to apply whatever logic you’d like. There have been asks to have it pick based on different metrics as well so eventually there will probably be more flexible UI around that.