Private Instances


I want to do some performance tests for a web page that is not public (meaning, it is internally available). For that I need a freelancer to help me creating a whole project with WebPageTest as follows:

  1. Generating a private instance of WPT
  2. Integrate it with google cloud / AWS
  3. Integrate them all together
  4. Make it all automatically after any change (optional)

Please send me a direct message if you are interesting.
Just to make it clear, what I’m looking for is someone who help me doing this project and not to write it himself.
I can pay per hour.

Many thanks in advance:exclamation:

What are you trying to accomplish? Why not test similar pages on web page test and check those internal pages using inspect element from google chrome?

If your goal is to speed up your website, than it can be done with no problems no matter if you have private pages or not. The main optimizations performed on the website will affect those pages too. If you are interested in a premium, full option optimization, performed at prices meant for outsourcing, you can find me on Unfortunately I can not help with the kind of thing you are attempting to do.

Daniel, Did you get someone to work on the project ?