Run a WebPageTest Result on a not Public URL with Test Agent on AWS EC2


We have certain Non-Public URLs and we want to get the test results of those URLs. These are specific to an organization’s network, Can someone help on how to approach this ?

WPT Private Instance is up and running already with test results coming up for public URLs.

You could use ngrok and then run the tests on public WPT instances. However, note that it can open up security holes and IT may not approve of it. Here’s how to achieve it:

If you already have a private instance, you should test the non-public URL on this instance instead.

The Non-Public URLs need to be tested from agents that can actually reach the network. That usually means installing a private instance test agent physically on the same network or you need to punch holes through.

The test agents poll out to the server for work so they just need to be able to reach back out to the private instance server from whatever network they are running in but it does mean setting up actual machines or VM’s instead of just using the AMIs.