Permalink to result not premanent

I have run some Tests and saved the results (links) as “Proof of Work” of optimization for a page.
Now 4 days later the links do not show the result anymore but instead they show this Error message:

and will then test again, but actually I want to have a permalink to a result that will be persistent and can be used forever.
Obviously this would consume a high amount of storage at your site so maybe a user should at least have the option to “store” about 10 of his test and archive them for later use.

This sounds like a bug…that permalink should indeed still be working. Got a test ID you can share with me?

There was ~1 day worth of stored tests that had an issue during the system migration around March 26th or so (should be able to tell from the test ID). Otherwise the expectation is that the permalinks will be good for 13 months.

Yes ofc:

Thanks for letting me know.

Mine is from 6 April.

New test from 10 April still works so this might be an temporary error

Hi, I’ve got the same issue. The permalink stopped working while I was browsing the results subpages. Am I doing something wrong? It seems that any of my tests in the history are gone. Today’s permalink: WebPageTest - Running web page performance and optimization tests...

This has been occurring for me as well with some regularity recently, using the site for the same proof of optimization work. I will get results from the test go back to access them to compare results and see test not found error.

Thanks for the reports. I verified that those aren’t in the archive datastore but it’s not clear “why” they weren’t there yet.

I added a lot of triple-checking to the code before deleting the local copy and just in case that didn’t squash the root cause, I added logging out the wazoo so I can see the state of ever test that was archived and every test that fails to be found in the archive when requested.

We did find an issue where tests > 30MB (which can happen with lots of runs, video capture and bodies or tcpdumps and happens 20-30 times a day) would fail to archive but they should have just stayed local to the server and not gone missing.

Still looking, I’ll update if I can find the root cause or see it happen again with tests that were created after I added the verbose logging.


Thanks for the check!