Please test http2

Hello we are testing http2 on our site.
Could any of you change your host file to and tell us your thoughts?
We are open to any recommendations you are willing to share.
Thank you so much Brian…

Here’s your test from WPT on Chrome:

What kind of recommendations are you looking for? Here are some I could see from the WPT run:

  1. Time to First (TTFB) is very high. It could be because this is not on CDN while your images are being served from Cloudfront.
  2. Since you’re enabling H2, using domain shards/cookieless domain like “” will offer limited use. You would need to switch this to be H2 as well. You can even remove the helper domains (shards, cookie-less domains) since H2 can work on a single TLS connection.
  3. Some of the scripts like could be moved up before images or can be set to load after the onLoad event (use defer).

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much. For testing purposes we have enabled SBN HTTP2 on only not the main site that is currently active. Did you change your host file to then test?