Poor Result - using Cloudflare and MaxCDN

Hi All,

I am pretty new to optimization and though putting a combination of Cloudflare and MAXCDN with W3 would speed up my site. It still feels a little slow, and the score from Webpagetest in Dulles was not good.

First time Byte F (11 secs)
Cache Static Content F

Here’s the site

I see a list of errors in the Static Content field, but not sure how to go about resolving them. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, if you try (w3tc) W3 Total Cache, you should see substantial gains.

Also it looks like you have some work to do according to this test.

If you actually test speed using W3TC vs. other caching plugins, you’ll find W3TC is by far the most complex to setup + one of the slowest.

Instead, try WP Super Cache with one option - enabled - for good speed. You can go one step further + setup mod_redirect caching for more speed.

As for the WPT report link, here’s my take.

  1. Asset #1 + #2 are hosting problems. Fix - change to high speed hosting.

  2. Your site is running HTTP1.1, rather than HTTP2, so switching to HTTP2 will provide highest speed.

  3. Asset #19 is a 404, so as soon as this asset is hit, one browser thread is hung for rest of session, which drops site speed by 20%. With HTTP1.1, most browsers use 5 threads, so each hung thread decreases total threads by 20%. Very bad.

Fix - add the dot-dd.gif file to your site (even if you have to create an empty/zero length file) or remove references to this file.

Fix these items + your site will serve pages very fast.

I’d also recommend that you re-look at your fonts. You have 15 different fonts loading the page and that will delay the rendering. Generally, 3 web fonts are recommended.

And as others have mentioned, you need to fix the first byte issue. You could consider caching the home page for a short TTL on the CDN and avoid the back-end processing time / latency due to origin connectivity.