slow time to first byte

Hi there. I was wondering if someone could offer some insights regarding how I could speed up time to first byte on my Wordpress site. I have gone through the steps I’ve seen recommended in the forum, as well as anything else I could find, but still have a TTFB of about 2 seconds, which I’d very much like to cut down. See for the results of the page test.

What I’ve done so far:

  • ensure I have the latest versions of Wordpress and all plugins
  • installed and activated everything I could in W3 Total Cache for a shared server
  • started using Cloudflare, which seems to be working
  • installed and activated the Use Google libraries plugin
  • optimized databases and deleted tables no longer needed
  • used an optimization plugin to remove all old revisions

Even after having done all of that, TTFB seems rather high. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Are you sure W3TC is installed and enabled? It usually adds a comment at the bottom of your page source with some information but I don’t see it in the HTML when I look at your site.

Actually, there’s a good change Cloudflare is stripping it out since it’s a comment :frowning:

I’d recommend disabling cloudflare (or at least going into development mode) until you get the first byte times sorted out and THEN enable cloudflare because it will usually make your first byte times a bit slower and having it as an additional variable in the mix will make things harder.


Im a newbie BUT I use Maxcdn with cloudflare and my site does “seem” faster (less then 2 seconds) although webpagetest and pingdom says its about 4 seconds.

Under google webmaster, google clocked my site at 1.8 seconds. Id go with what google says since their the ones that matter.

Hey Patrick - thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a try.

Appreciate the comment sbcarlos - will also check using the big g’s tools.