Time to First byte is huge

My time to first byte is
2728 ms First Byte Time

I am running w3 total cache have the page cache set to disk enhance. But still somehow it is not dropping the time to first byte. I tried using cloudflare but noticed it only increased that time so i have since removed cloud flare. I am on shared hosting but none of the other sites on my account experience this. What can i do to help bring this to a reasonable level?

here is my test results


  • Enable database caching in W3TC as well
  • Turn on the debug settings for W3TC for the page and database caches

Then load your page and do a “view source”. Down at the bottom will be a bunch of diagnostic information from W3TC that tells you where the time is going and why the cache isn’t working (assuming it isn’t).

I think I have located the issue and it is caused on many of my sites that use any plugin of the sort. Anything that forces gzip compression in addition to W3TC seems to cause the the slow TTFB. I am now getting slow times only on the initial test after clearing all caches and I assume that is becuase it is rebuilding the cache.

this test is with out clearing the cache first run

TTFB 780 ms First Byte Time

The Second rerun show vast improvement

TTFB 252 ms First Byte Time

Is there any particular reason for this. I have enabled database cache and just enabled the

Combine static CSS and JS files? How necessary is that? I have gone through and buy pressing the help in the minify and adding the js and css to w3tc Cache and removing the ones that borke part of the site got the score to 60/100 but it seems to me that the actual performance of my site when visiting is not as good though of course the overall score is higher. Is there something I am missing?

The improvement in repeat view is probably because various other caches are also coming into play (mysql’s own caching and linux filesystem-level caching).

I wouldn’t focus too much on the score, pay more attention to the actual times. The 2 custom fonts are really hurting performance (are they ABSOLUTELY critical?). It also looks like you are serving > 230KB of compressed javascript. That’s a LOT of code. If you can move it to load after the page content without breaking the page it would help quite a bit (easier said than done with wordpress though).

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