Problem with ads


I am trying to make a comparison of metrics with ads vs. without ads but when I enter the page and it shows me the ads on the page they do not come out, could you help me to validate if it is a Web Page Test error or to know what is happening, thanks.

Monserrat Ramirez.

Web Page Test: :...irginia USA - EC2 - WebPageTest Result

Page: New Homes in Los Angeles, CA | 74 Communities

Hey! So what are you using to try to generate a version of the page without ads? Do you have parameter or cookie you set? Or are you trying to block the individual requests?

If the ads aren’t showing when you expect them to, try enabling “preserve user agent string” in the advanced settings. That will use the vanilla browser user agent string without adding WebPageTest’s info to it. Some ad networks disable serving to WebPageTest.

IDK why, but for removing ads the only way is to pay. Is that so hard to remove them for free?