Problems with block

Hi Pat,

I’ve got some interesting behaviour going on when trying to use block

I can block a single request ok, but the repeat view is very screwy

If I attempt to block a whole series of requests it doesn’t seem to work at all

But if I use the script tab to block the requests it’s all fine and dandy

block mmcore.js WTID.js Webtrends.js googleAnalytics.js GAInit.js gw.js telegraph.skimlinks.js WTDcsVid.js

It’s not causing me any problems but wondering if you had any ideas on what’s happening?



Thanks, looks like there is a bug in the Chrome/Firefox agent where it parses the block string and splits it up (it only does the parsing when it is passed in through a script). Fixing it right now.

All fixed, thanks for the report -

If you’re running a private instance and want to grab the latest agent I wrote up some docs on how to do it -



Cool, thanks, will update my private instance later

did this bug come back?

Just ran a test with a space delimited string of items to block, and they were ignored.


Shouldn’t be - can you send over the test you ran so I can take a look?

Hi Pat,

for this run

you can see i had blocked:


and yet, the 4th call is to

any ideas?