random HTTP slowness with IE9 wpt in May

I was seeing some random HTTP requests slow download to strange speeds using the IE9 wpt driver in May, things seem to be better now.


I have compared them with my FF tests and they have remained unchanged.
Just wondered any issues with the IE9 driver during May. Maybe i should switch to IE10.


Not that I’m aware of but there was some general slowing down across all browsers From ~May 3rd through ~June 6th from the Dulles location. I opened several tickets with Verizon but, quite frankly, they don’t really have a clue and unless your connection isn’t working at all or speed tests can show the issue they don’t really pay attention.

Can’t tell if it was something in the network, peering or specific to certain endpoints but performance appears to be back where it was before.

Thanks for the reply Patrick. Good to know.